Sportavido was created with a love of sport, travel and on a mission:

Travel the world, share your skills, learn new sports, make good friends.

– is a global community to learn new sports, train with new friends, stay up to date on what’s happening in the local sports scene, share your skills with other sports-loving travellers and even find local accommodation.
When you’re in your own town or city, it’s easy to ask friends and family for recommendations or find the best places to meet likeminded sports lovers. But when you’re travelling to new places, who can you turn to?
We created this app because we know that your love of sport doesn’t stop when you’re on the road or new in town. And when you’re travelling, it can be hard to find recommendations or meet people who share your passion for sport.
As fellow sports lovers, we thought “Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could find local people who love your sport too, who can train with you, be your local sporting guide, attend sporting events with you or even become your coach?”
That's when Sportavido was born

With a couple of swipes or taps, you can find the people and facilities you need to enjoy your love or sport, make new friends and create epic memories.

Our team

Alex Melnikov

Full stack engineer
Fond of gym and fitness
Frontend coder
12+ years of system administration

Inna Bogdanova

Mobile and web app tester
Tennis and enthusiast
Active lifestyle follower


Project idea & concept
Strategic leadership and product ownership
Team mobilization & counselling
Investor relations

Victor Mosin

Backend engineer
Database architecture
Gym and Fitness

Vitaly Masterov

Backend engineer
Database and cloud solution engineer

Vadim Goverdovsky

Team mobilization, marketing, investor relations
25+ years in finance and strategy
Product owner
Sport is an important part of life