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Monthly Archives: January 2022

Swimming to Epiphany

Опубликовано: 20.01.2022 в 21:45


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How long time ago have you been swimming in open water in January? I was swimming yesterday. And it was not in the Philippines or Barbados but in the very centre of Europe. Epiphany bathing allowed me to take part in a real sporting event. I learned about it from the Jadran water polo club veterans’ team, which for many years has been helping to organize the Epiphany swim in Herceg Novi and other cities of Montenegro. The event is attended by teenagers who are keen on sports and their parents, as well as sports veterans, and the winner of the swim is solemnly awarded.

Sporatvido image gallery copyright

This was not my first swim in open water in winter. The air and water temperature of about 12 degrees did not frighten me. The bright sun, the positive attitude of the people who came did their job: having swum one hundred meters back and forth, I felt a strong adrenaline rush and joyful emotions. The friendly smiles of the Jadran water polo club veterans’ team and the charge of vivacity for the entire day were a pleasant addition to the swim. And yes, you can find out about such sports events, places, and times of their holding in the Sportavido mobile application Sportavido It allows not only to meet like-minded people for sports but also to find interesting sporting events and take part in competitions.

Herceg Novi, Montenegro 19 January 2022