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Together to the top

Yesterday in the ancient city of Kotor we climbed to a height of almost ninety floors if the pedometer is not lying. We climbed slowly, with long stops, stepping over stone steps and surveying the surroundings. We imagined how people lived there for centuries, built fortress walls, carried food upstairs, and defended themselves from numerous enemies.

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Today, tourists come here to stare at the Bay of Kotor, as well as local lovers of cardio training. The young guys were climbing at speed. The one guy with a decent weight around his belt touched the mast with the Montenegrin flag at the finish line and timed it. He drank some water and almost immediately moved down. I imagined how with the help of Sportavido anyone could meet such guys and find a company for sports climbing. How do you meet like-minded people for sports while travelling?

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Kotor, Montenegro 16 January 2022